About Us

Jewelry for the Dead is all about creating unique pieces from natural resources. Whether it was found in a river in Virginia, a field in Indiana, or an antique shop in Montana, it takes hours of work for each jewelry piece to become part of the JFTD collection. We are inspired by dark, odd, natural, and ethically sourced materials that we discover all around the country. We also believe in taking the death of an animal and turning it into a remembrance and truly honoring that life; that once living thing we find has already passed and that's where for example, we get the antlers we use in some of the jewelry pieces from. 
Each item is beautifully and precisly constructed. 

Recently, we have ventured out of just the jewelry relm to other passions: designing clothing (including handcrafted tees, vests, and jeans) and bags (crossbody, messenger, backpacks). Some of the clothing and bags we make are upcycled (made from more than one material, usually vintage and found in thrift stores), and some are handmade from just one piece of fabic. All are handmade and handcrafted, meaning it takes sketches, designing, measuring, and most importantly, very well done and carefully placed stitch work to make sure all of our creations last...and that you all love them as much as we do!
We are currently based out of Silver Creek, WA. 

creativity is limitless.

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